About Us

MobileNOC’s mission is to make life easier for network and IT infrastructure engineers, managers, and executives. In these challenging times, it is even more crucial that we leverage the tools at our disposal more effectively for steady productivity, rapid response, and efficient network management. Managing enterprise IT infrastructure is no easy job. We have been in your shoes and believe we can help your organization.

It is hard to predict when a network will go down, or when an Internet connection will begin to lose strength, which makes it practically impossible to keep an eye on the network without dedicating your entire day to just watching for a fault. Thankfully, the MobileNOC team has created a platform that not only lets you respond to trouble spots from any location, but also helps you manage, monitor, and automate any component of your enterprise IT infrastructure without having to reach further than your pocket.

MobileNOC provides one operating system to manage, troubleshoot, or automate your network Infrastructure & Operations. We leverage mobile/IOT, AI, and ML to make your existing infrastructure NextGen. You have full administration capabilities and on-demand automation of your entire cloud, server and network infrastructure. Standardize Network Configurations and, Policy Management while, and minimizing outage risk.

Network management tools are a must-have for networking professionals, providing crucial insight into performance, operations, and helping to solve bottlenecks and slowness. The right statistics and data about traffic flows, device configurations, and user behavior can identify problems quickly, or even before they happen.

Having these capabilities and information immediately accessible — literally in the palm of your hand — can make things even easier. Being able to troubleshoot a faulty network quickly and efficiently is a necessity, especially when explanations are needed immediately.

Team Members

Frantz Civil, CEO

Experience: 20 years of enterprise & Service Provider network, cloud, hosting infrastructure engineering and management including Rackspace, Datapipe, Eli Lilly, Bank of America, Barclays Bank, and Sungard.

Mohamed Kiswani, CTO

Experience: More than 12 years of experience in building Enterprise Software, Programming, and Management including AWS, UBS, Amazon Middle East (formerly Souq)

Jessica Evans, VP Business Development

Experience: business analyst with 25 years of experience building and restructuring companies for
long term sustainable growth