Cloud, Network Infrastructure & Operations Visibility

Network visibility once only referred to the awareness of applications and conversations traversing the network, be it LAN or WAN down to the frame, packet, user, and application level, all within your organization’s facilities. The arrival of public cloud has added to the network infrastructure, whether leveraging Direct Connect, Express-Route, Equinix Cloud Exchange, or VPN Tunnels. Your networks are growing and evolving, and so are your service assurance and deliverables. Meanwhile delivery timelines, budgets, even hours in the day are shrinking. MobileNOC provides the ability to manage your cloud infrastructure from the same platform as your network infrastructure.


With MobileNOC, you can discover, manage, orchestrate, deploy, or troubleshoot AWS, Azure, Google (Public Cloud) along with VMWare vSphere (Private Cloud) from the same platform as your network infrastructure. Traditional VPN solutions enable connectivity for mobile and remote employees but do little to enable the same visibility and control possible on-premises.

The transfer of workloads to the public cloud is accompanied by a certain loss of IT infrastructure control and visibility. Many IT organizations think more about the capabilities of their security solutions and monitoring tools than they do about how to give those solutions all of the data they need to perform effectively. The diverse hardware and software platforms used in a typical enterprise can become ‘opaque containers,’ preventing your monitoring solutions from seeing the complete environment. The result is blind spots that can limit your ability to strengthen security and improve performance.

Blind spots can lead to:

  • Unchecked security threats and data breaches
  • Compliance issues
  • Network downtime and service disruptions
  • Application performance and customer dissatisfaction

MobileNOC provides network professionals with a powerful tool to quickly and seamlessly navigate their cloud and manage visibility via a centralized platform with the following proven functionality:

  • Visibility Groups – Logical containers of visibility elements tailored to your needs
  • Topology and Navigation – A 360° view of the network connectivity to single element view
  • Granularity – Topology of port status, configurations, and device schematics

This three-layered integrated approach enables seamless management of your visibility layer no matter how many nodes you have or what type they are.

Main Features

  • Unify visibility of public cloud (AWS, Azure, Google), private cloud (VMWare vSphere), and network infrastructure with a single pane of glass
  • Easily deploy new cloud services

Manage cloud resources with MobileNOC Infrastructure Operating System (MIOS) to automate task/processes/changes across cloud servers and cloud services