Since the launch of the iPhone, there has been a paradigm shift in personal computing. The impact is currently mostly seen in consumer, but the enterprise has taken note.

Just like we’re using mobile apps for banking and medical care, wouldn’t it be more operationally efficient if we could have our network & IT infrastructure engineers’ tools available on a mobile device as well? The new norm no longer has engineers living in the office or data center.

In these challenging times it is even more crucial that we leverage the tools at our disposal more effectively for steady productivity, rapid response, and efficient network management.

The MobileNOC platform allows for centralized management and administration of any enterprise network component using a mobile or IoT device, including tablet, smartphone, smartwatch and smart glasses.


This is much more than network monitoring. While capable of performing network monitoring, it would be offensive to call MobileNOC a monitoring tool. The average person spends 3-5 hours a day on their smartphones. That is potentially more added visibility on your infrastructure.

The main advantages of using mobile tools are availability, visibility and first-action time. Seeing and acknowledging an alert is good, but how soon can you take first action? Many organizations are operating 24 hours a day and need to have on-call administrators at all times.


Network analysis tools are a must-have for networking professionals, providing crucial insight into performance and helping to solve bottlenecks and slowness. The right statistics and data about traffic flows, device configurations, and user behavior can identify problems quickly, or even before they actually happen. Having that information immediately accessible — literally in the palm of your hand — can make things even easier. MobileNOC users can increase their productivity and save precious time with access to network data with a simple tap on a smartphone, whether they are in the office, at home or commuting on the train.

Being able to troubleshoot a faulty network quickly and efficiently is a necessity, especially when explanations are needed immediately. However, it is hard to predict when a network will go down, or when an internet connection will begin to lose strength, which makes it practically impossible to keep an eye on the network without dedicating your entire day to just watching for a fault. Thankfully, our app developers have created apps that not only let you respond to trouble spots from any location, but also help you monitor it as well, without having to go further than your pocket to check a report.



We know you have seen the hype and countless articles about IoT – from wearables to smart glasses to drones. We believe IoT can not only add enterprise value but can also add value to enterprise IT Infrastructure, especially on the operations side. IoT can increase IT Infrastructure production uptime and reduce operational risks. There are security benefits as well. MobileNOC turns IoT into a strategic road map by allowing you to:

• Improve service operations

• Increase physical visibility into network and security operations

• Enable instant mitigation of cyberattacks

• Collaborate with peers and customers and end users

Using MobileNOC with smart and IoT devices, you can mitigate a DDoS attack from your smart watch or leverage a drone to verify device status at an unstaffed location.


Your IoT platform should provide edge intelligence capabilities to extend the efficiency of network management and operations. Contact us to learn more about how MobileNOC leverages, smartwatches, smartglasses, and drones to make your life easier as an engineer.